Orange County Website Design

We offer website design from scratch – start to finish

We offer website design from scratch to finish and then shine the search engine optimization (SEO) light on your online presence. Even if you don’t have a logo to get us started, we can design that for you too!

We pride ourselves in our artistic ability to create handsome and easily navigated websites. Sites that Google will fall in love with, while building loyal and returning customers for your business.

All the websites we build for clients are created on the WordPress platform. We deliver fast loading, high ranking websites.  This helps  portray your company in the strongest light and creates strong sales and conversions for your brand.

We know you’re out there shopping for the best designer at the most reasonable price and that’s a good thing. But whatever you do, don’t allow ANY webmaster to convince you to go with any other platform besides WordPress.

Other, less knowledgeable designers may try to steer you towards Joomla or Drupal (two other development platforms).  If they do, you’ll know right away that you’re dealing with a designer who has committed him or herself to yesterday’s technology.

WordPress To The Rescue

You see, WordPress is an Open Source platform meaning there are thousands and thousands of certified coders out there who contribute to its security and stability.

And perhaps the best news about WordPress is that if you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll be very comfortable updating and editing your own website once we hand it over to you. It’s simple to use and we include a free 1 hour tutorial on how to use your website once we’re finished building it for you.

How about a makeover for your existing website design? This is actually one of our fortés!

Remember when you had your website made? It might have been shiny and cool back then, but the times have changed. And odds are your old site is a slow loading entity that just never ranked too high in Google anyway. Are your competitors dominating your industry and showing up higher than you?

Well, we have a quick fix for that! We’d love to have the chance to impress you not only with our design skills, but with our ability to get your new website moving to the top of Google’s results pages. You’ll make more money and your business can rise to the top where it deserves to be.

Contact us today to get started.

Even though we specialize in web design for Orange County, CA-based companies, location doesn’t matter. We build awesome websites for companies all over the world.

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